For the Win!

I am trying an experiment that comes from my deep passion for competitive forensics/drama interpretation events. It was vital to my student experience and my love for it as a teacher has never gone away. I am constantly searching for and compiling resources because I hate seeing the same old thing at tournaments. (I also hate seeing only the “trendiest” material out there.) My plan is to make a newsletter availabe 3-4 times a year with specific authors and resources. This will include material from literature as wel as plays.I will also intruduce readers to new playwrights.

That’s the good news. Bad news is that I have to charge a small fee for the newsletter so I can afford to pay for this site. First issue is only two dollars! It focuse mainly on options for prose for men and women with some suggestionsfor DI, duo, and multiple as well as a few samples of material.

Use the paypal link over in the sidebar and I will email you the pdf ASAP!


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